Four loose pigs evade capture in Illinois town

Police in Illinois are attempting to round up a quartet of escaped pigs believed to have been wandering in a town for about a week.

The Wayne Police Department said in a Facebook post that the pigs have been in a neighborhood in the Army Trail Road area for several days.

“We ended up finding out they had kind of been out and about for probably close to a week now,” Wayne Police Chief Tim Roberts told The Daily Herald, “although we just started getting calls in the last probably 48 hours and became involved in trying to corral them.”

Roberts said the owners of the pigs, as well as other local animal experts, are attempting to recapture them. He said the pigs are proving unexpectedly difficult to corral.

“They are actually pretty fast,” he said. “They have fled the officers a few times now. Those big ones are very big, and it’s obviously a dangerous task to try and catch them when there’s no really great way to do that.

“So we’re trying to use these pig wrangler experts who have experience with it.”